At Eugene's, we believe that ‘Confidence is Sexy.’

At Eugene’s, we believe that ‘Confidence is Sexy.’ So, it’s only fitting that our men’s underwear company provides very comfortable undergarments for confident men of all shapes and sizes. Our products range from Extra Small to 5X in a variety of styles and colors.

Eugene’s Story

Clay Eugene Campbell has exuded confidence since he was a pre-teen, never letting his difficult life circumstances get in the way of his lifelong goal. In fact, he is a true believer that even as a young person, your situation can fuel your energy to change those circumstances. Campbell lost his leg at seven years old, forcing him to wear a prosthetic leg. Then his mother passed away when he was only 13 years old. Raised by his father and sisters, Clay became the first high school field goal kicker in the Southeast with a prosthetic leg to have an opportunity to play in college.

Pursuing his dream of fashion, Campbell decided to get his MBA. In looking at the incredible margins of fashion and the lack of sex appeal offered by most of the men’s underwear lines—Clay noticed that this was especially true for the 3X – 5X men sizes. He decided it was time to take the success of the sexy underwear business for women and deliver that to men of all ages and sizes.

Campbell initial line of underwear was sold through numerous outlets (trade shows, online and retail). Through these efforts, he completely sold out of his entire inventory.